Proceed to norton setup to download the Norton setup. If you have an setup disc afterward you do not need to download from the Install and then run on the downloaded Norton installment document. Go to the device tray and find the Norton icon. Double-click around the icon to launch Norton, Enter the twenty five personality alpha-numeric Norton setup key ,follows instructions to be able to complete the process of Norton set up activation

Download and Install Norton Setup From-

1. Go to and check-in.
2. Fill your Norton details like registered Gmail & password.
3. Norton start can seem, click to transfer Norton possibility then click to Agree and download.
4. Choose the windows transfers folder to download the set-up file then find the file and open it to put in.
5. My Norton Downloader application can seem once the necessary files are downloaded, a User Account management warning will display, asking to permit the Norton Security app to make some of the changes into your device. Click affirmative to continue.
6. My Norton Installer interface can open, click to put in.
7. The Device Security package can currently be put in. A slideshow is conferred throughout the installation method, description a number of the risks that Norton protects you from. This method will take many minutes, looking at the speed of your pc although many minutes for Activation.
8. The Norton Security application can show some welcome Instructions. You can select begin tour or Skip.
9. The Norton Security dashboard will currently be displayed, showing your protection and up to date scan standing.
10. Here you’ll manage Norton’s settings, read your subscription standing, begin manual virus scans and explore other features.

System Requirements for Installation of Norton Setup

Norton Antivirus can be used on windows, mac, Linux, or any other operating system to secure and protect the system against viruses. Norton security has gained recognition in the detection, prevention, and removal of malware in a PC, tablet or even smartphones.

Norton setup with product key is really simple. Checkout the system requirements for a Norton setup installation-


Processor: you need a processor of 10/8/7:1 Ghz

  • Ram: RAM of 10:3 GB (recovery tool requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM).
  • For Windows 8/7 Users: 1 GB (32 bit) or 2 GB (64 bit) and for recovery tool minimum of 512 MB RAM is required.
  • Hard disk space: minimum  of 300 MB space is required.


  • Recent and last 2 versions of Mac OS only. Password Management is unsupported..
  • Features like Norton Family & Norton Family Premier does not supported.


  • For Android user 4.1.x or next, Google Play app must be installed.
  • Android 4 or next requires Norton Family Premier Android app.


Activate Norton With Product Setup key

 1. Open My Norton window, next to Device Security.
2. After that do one in all the following:
(i) If you are going to activate your subscription for the first time, click on Activate currently.
(ii) If you are going to renew your subscription click facilitate then below ACCOUNT info, click Enter Product Key.
3. Now enter the renewal code that you got from Norton which looks like XXXXX/XXXXX /XXXXX/XXXXX/XXXXX.
4. To get your renewal code, go to realize your product key, PIN, or renewal code. If you got it from an offline source, look behind the retail card. (Note:In case you’re unsure about the product to that the key that you simply have is identified with if you don’t mind pursue the bearings in I have to move my Norton item on my gadget).
5. In the event that your item key doesn’t work, see Why is my item key not working?
6. In the event that you use an item key, the rest of the days together with your present membership don’t get further to the membership identified with the new key.
7. If you use a reestablishment code, your outstanding membership days are further to the new membership sum.
8. Click to NEXT.


1. Sign In to your Norton.
2. If you are not signed in, type your email address and password for Norton, and If you do not have a Norton account, click Create account, and then complete the process.
3. In the Get Started page, click Download Norton.
4. If you have a product key that is not yet registered to your account, click Enter a New Product Key.
5. Type the product key and click > Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the product.
6. Click Agree & Download.

Features of Norton Antivirus

1. Single antivirus you need to overall protect your devices.

2. protect your device against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online attacks.

3. Maintains your privacy in whatever device you’re using.

4. Give a reminder to unsafe websites and suspicious downloads.

5. Lets you move protection from one device to a different.

6. Lets you add additional protection as you get more devices.

7. Easily locates lost or purloined smartphones and tablets.

8. It gives your children the freedom to use the internet safely.

9. It has built-in VPN client software for all of its Norton 360 product.

10. 100% refund guarantee: we are going to help keep your pc virus-free, or provide you

with a refund.


Whether your device is or not connected to the net, there invariably are a requirement for antivirus to shield it against mischievous youths seeking a thrill or a hardened cyber-criminal eager to make the most of billion-dollar companies, will stop eager to capture ways that within which to commit fraud, cause widespread hurt, or just experience the push of breaking into a computer. 

what are computer program and their types

Computer viruses are sometimes malicious PC programs written to wreck alternative people’s machines or steal data or perhaps money victimization your systems knowledge. However, some criminal programmers have rather more cruel intentions behind it.

Types of the virus-
Worms: These programs that replicate themselves to alternative computers on a network.
Trojans: Performs functions (sometimes malicious) on the PC while not the data of the user (Think of the horse of Troy)
Malware: Technically, this can be not classed as a deadly disease. it’s code wont to spy on PC user’s activities and collect personal data. additional usually called “spyware”.

So What will Antivirus software Do?

Antivirus code is that the “COP” at the gate of Associate in Nursing automatic processing system. It protects the computer, mobiles, laptops from incoming threats and seeks out, destroys and warns concerning threats on the system. New viruses are returning all the time. It is the task of the antivirus code to remain up with the most recent threats. Typically this can be often achieved by daily updates of the antivirus into definitions, that counteract the most recent threats to supply constant protection. Not having Antivirus on a laptop computer is like attracting a criminal into the house or having Associate in Nursing uninvited guest. 

How to scan your system with a Norton power eraser?

The most effective method to check your framework with a Norton control eraser. Norton control eraser is a useful asset exceptionally propelled for windows clients to manage increasingly extraordinary threats like adware, malware, and other security applications.This instrument deals with a rootkit check which examines for infections who are out of the compass of other security programs who works just on customary sweep strategies. 


Downloading Norton Power Eraser: 

· Download the most recent rendition from here. 

· Save the record in your current envelopes or can utilize a USB drive for outer gadgets. 

· Your record will be spared with NPE.exe, find it and double tap to RUN. 

· Read the End User License Agreement and afterward go to the ACCEPT button at the right side bottom. 


Running Norton Power Eraser Scan: 

· Click Scan for Risks symbol for full output and in the event that your gadget isn’t exceptionally contaminated, at that point from setting unmark the Rootkit Scan alternative and Apply it. 

· You can either pick Unwanted Application Scan or Advanced Scans relying upon the sort of infections. 

· After examining for a couple of moments it will show two outcome alternatives 

1. BAD – these documents ought to be expelled immediately from the framework as they are progressively unsafe to the framework. 

2. UNWANTED – these records may not be a risk you need to pick whether you need to Repair or Remove the documents. 

· Finally, snap to FIX NOW. 

· The framework will request RESTART, do as such. Subsequent to restarting you are out of hazard, click DONE.

How to Norton pop ups block

Most of bothered by Norton popup. They disturb daily and make interrupt is working. They also make interrupts in downloading files, the browser also checks the file and later scan by antivirus software. Norton’s identity safe and Norton security toolbar extension interrupt in surfing, these extensions are installed by Norton in browsers. Norton pop ups block, There are few steps by following these steps will block the popup of Norton antivirus:

Get rid from Norton’s extensions in browser:

These extensions also disturb surfing in browser. Steps to remove these extensions:

1.  Open the browser for Example Google Chrome

2.  Type “chrome://extensions”

3.  Extensions tab open, All the installed extensions list shown in this tab.

4.  Delete the Norton extension by click on the Delete button shown on right side of extensions.

5.  Now the Norton extensions completely removed.

Good to remove these extensions because these extensions did not play a role in security. All these securities also provided by Google itself. Chrome also save password.

Block anti-spam popups:

1.   Open the Norton.

2.   Go to settings.

3.   Then Choose anti-spam.

4.   Click “Client Integration”

5.   Set “Welcome Screen” and “Feedback” to “Off“.

6.   Now the anti-spam popups blocked.

Hide safe download notifications

Norton by default check every file you download on your system. But also show notifications for the download which are safe. So block these extra notifications. Follow these steps to block the notifications.

1.   Open the Norton.

2.   Go to settings.

3.   Then Choose the Firewall.

4.   Click on Intrusion and Browser Protection

5.   Set Download Insight Notifications to Risks Only.

6.   Now to notifications will not be shown for secure file.

Disable reports and Background task notifications

Follow these steps to hide notifications:

1.   In “Windows Operating System”, double click on the Norton icon, shown in the notification panel.

2.   Norton open in a new window.

3.   Click on the settings button.

4.   All Norton settings.

5.   Click on the administrative setting.

6.   Now disable the 30-day report notification.

7.   Set the “30 Day Report” to “Off“.

8.   Norton generates a report but not show.

9.   You also check the report by going to Norton interface.

Norton performs regular check system, perform some task and perform the scan. Also, show the notifications to you daily. If you don’t want to see perform these steps.

1.   Set Norton Task Notifications to Off.

2.   Set Norton Special Offer Notifications to Off.



Norton 360Standard -See subscription details below:

  • Only for a single PC, Mac or 1 smartphone/ tablet.
  • Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection.
  • Online Threat Protection.
  • Smart Firewall.
  • 10GB Cloud Backup.
  • Password Manager.
  • Virus Protection Promise2.
  • Secure VPN.
  • SafeCam5.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock.

Norton 360 Deluxe – See subscription details below:

  • Can be used in 5 different PCs, Macs, smartphones/tablets.
  • Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection.
  • Online Threat Protection.
  • Smart Firewall.
  • 50 GB Cloud Backup.
  • Password Manager.
  • Virus Protection Promise 2.
  • Parental Controls.
  • Secure VPN
  • SafeCam 5
  • Dark Web Monitoring Powered by Life Lock.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select – See subscription details below:

  • Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection.
  • Online Threat Protection.
  • Smart Firewall.
  • 100GB Cloud Backup.
  • Password Manager
  • Virus Protection Promise2.
  • Parental Controls.
  • Secure VPN
  • SafeCam5.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock.
  • LifeLock Identity Alert™ System.
  • Credit Monitoring3.
  • Million Dollar Protection Package.

Norton 360 with ultimate Plus– See subscription details below:

  • Unlimited* PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets.
  • Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection.
  • Online Threat Protection.
  • Smart Firewall.
  • 500GB Cloud Backup.
  • Password Manager.
  • Virus Protection Promise2.
  • Parental Controls.
  • Secure VPN.
  • SafeCam5.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock.
  • LifeLock Identity Alert™ System.
  • Credit Monitoring.
  • Million Dollar Protection Package.
  • Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts.
  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring.
  • Court Records Scanning.
  • 401(k) & Investment Activity Alerts.

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